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Social and Emotional Learning:
Interventions when children are not ready for school.

Early years’ educators are well placed to recognise those children who are not ready to manage the transition to school. Indeed, some children will suffer anxieties and challenges that prevent them from integrating well, and this can lead to significant day-to-day stress.


The Cheshire School is a specialist primary school for children with significant social, emotional and behavioural challenges. Since 1987, they have been providing an intervention program that helps children overcome disruptive behavioural patterns and successfully integrate/re-integrate into a mainstream school. The majority of children referred to the Cheshire School are in an early years’ setting, or have been struggling with the transition to foundation year of primary school.


But what if Kindergarten Educators were to employ the evidence-based strategies used by The Cheshire School before the child enters Foundation level? 

Would we see a reduction in the demand for intervention and re-integration programs?


Join the Cheshire School’s Principal, Helen Barrett, and School Psychologist Angela North, as they share some practical strategies that can be implemented in an early years setting.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the impact environment plays on behavioural challenges

  • Discover strategies to help children during transition times, such as morning drop-off

  • Gain insight into the psychological interventions used in combination with environmental strategies for best outcomes

  • Learn the power of empathy + boundaries + choices

  • Understand the use of neuropsychology to influence mood